Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sic Parvis Magna

From small beginnings... This is a phrase that I often latch on to. After all everything has to start somewhere. The seed of an idea has to be planted before the seed can develop. Nothing can be generated from nothing..

This week I have been sorting few several problems at work, problems that all stemmed from something small. An assumption about something that turned out to be incorrect was the common denominator. This got me thinking about how catastrophic events can stem from one small act, and how delicate we sometimes have to be when we make a judgement or decision about something. Like snow gathering on an acorn rolled down a slope, things can quickly escalate.

The key observation that came out of the problem solving actually relates not to the seed or the person making the assumption, but rather what happens when others who put you in a position of authority rely on your judgement and assumption to take things forward... The snowball moves faster and gets larger and larger. Eventually it can become unstoppable until it hits a wall and things disintegrate.

So from now on, I am focusing on the small things  

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